About Us

Build 3 Rent is a private equity investment and development company, focused on acquire Hospitality multi-used, renovate and reposition in the market through professional Lessees per uses, with a short term exit strategy.

During the reform, B3R divides the Hotel asset into three (3) different uses with independent access and installation, and performs Asset Management with a flexible use strategy (3x2)

In the next years, Build 3 Rent will vertically integrate along the subsidiaries companies. We are looking to the specialization in each area of the business.

A Core Value, it´s The B3R Green Foundation ("Non-Profit Organization dedicated to Green Areas in City center"), on development, to impact in the in the community next to the assets, by improving Green Areas and Public Parks.


Build 3 Rent is Co-Investor (10% equity) in every Hotel Project, and looking for business ventures and capital partners (Business Partners & Project Partners) to growth the Portfolio.

If you would like to introduce us a Hotel Investment Opportunity; Contact us.

When Build 3 Rent invests in a Hotel Development Opportunity, it is only with the best-in-class brands (Lease Agreement) and partners (internal and external resources). Meet the team.

Since we think and act like a private equity investor and development group, we evaluate investment for both long term appreciation and risk-adjusted internal rate of return.

Our goal is to offer the capital partners an accumulative preference return interest rate per year.


We active looking for a Business Capital Partner to growth the company and/or a Project Capital Partner to acquire and reposition a Hotel Investment Opportunity located in Madrid, Spain.

In the next 5 years, Build 3 Rent goal is develop simultaneously on several projects, up to 5 Hotels Projects in 5 years.

If you would like information about the Hotel Investment Opportunity in Madrid, Spain.

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Total Investment


Build 3 Rent wants to add value in Hospitality multiuse. Looking to undertaking historical building to reuse projects and/or existing hotels, to renovate and reposition the asset in the market, through install independent access and installations per uses.

B3R offers a team with track record in Hospitality, at every level of the real estate acquisitions and development. The team is responsible to manage all stage of the Hotel Project ("Property Cycle"), such as: Planning, architecture, design and construction.

The Board of Directors is advised by a Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning formed by architects and Chairs of the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), to collaborate in the Hotel Projects, reviewing the Hotel Renovation Plan, recommend value-added options and/or alternations in Historic Building.

Hotel Innovation

Don´t innovate in management. Look for Net Lease with different tenants by uses (3x2), and incentive rent over Revenue. Sale & LeaseBack.

Innovative strategies to create added value to the Hospitality Asset and Investors:

 • Innovate during the renovation, prioritizing independent access to the Roof Top and additional density (m3)

 • Innovate by use exclusive porcelain materials (100% Hygiene). We collaborate directly with National factories. Special focus on interior and exterior lighting.

 • Innovate by include "Contactless" technology in the Hotel rooms and "Digital Asset Management" technology to improve business transparency and report to investors.

The Team is developing 3 application programs (APP); to facilitates the Asset Management and value-added to the business:

(I) Hotel Acquisition (Status: Development) (II) Contactless (Status: Development) (III) Digital Asset Management (Status: Software Search).

Investment vehicle

Existing Assets
(Not companies)

Investment size

Up to 50MM euros

Type of contract

Purchase & Sale Agreement
Sale & LeaseBack Rent and Turnkey Hotel


+2MM annual room nights.
Urban Hotel: Madrid and connected cities; Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga, Sevilla, etc.
Resort in the 1st coast; Mallorca, Ibiza, Canarias.

Asset Profile

Urban Hotel & Aparthotel
Hotel Resort: 1st coast
Residential & offices with hotel license

Density m2

Building ( +10.000m2)
Hotel (≤10.000m²),
Retail (≤500m²) & Roof Top (≤500m²).
It´s a must an exterior area (terrace).

Nº Keys

+80 urban rooms
+250 resort rooms


4 - 5 stars
Aparthotel & Hotels

Density m3

Hotel rooms (≤3m) height
Retail & Roof Top Bar (≤5m) height


Value add opportunity
Renovation & Reposition


+5% cap. rate (avg. last 3 years) Opportunistic price below Construction cost or Market value


Off Market deals directly ownership / representatives with an exclusive mandate. Only Success fee.


The team has an extensive track record in Hospitality, and a powerful network of partnerships with experience in Real Estate Transactions and developments.

The Team combines internal and external resources, and together is responsible to manage all the stage of the Property Cycle, by creates innovative strategies that deliver an exceptional value to the asset and investors.

To closing the transaction, Due Diligence, financial options, search capital partner(s) and Lessee(s) per use.

Within the Development period: Renovation Plan with potential flexible use (3x2), architecture, design and construction turnkey.

After opening (Asset Management), reposition per uses, Revenue Performance Test and exit strategy on the investment.

M3 Build 3 Rent´s expertise is best measured by the successful partnership the firm has forged to manage every phase of the Hotel Project. Collectively offering years of diverse industry experience and property knowledge.

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  • Organization Chart

M3 Build 3 Rent


Miguel Sambricio

Managing Director & Acquisitions

Finances Director (CFO)

Marketing & Auxiliary Departments

Proyect Manager

Asset Management Director

Director Materiales y Logística

Fernandez Molina

Obras y Servicios

Architecture & Urban Planning Advisors

Alonso I Balaguer

External Architectture & Interior Design


External Legal Firm

STR Report

External Advisors & Market Data

Baldocer Cerámicas

Materiales Ceramicos


(Balay, Siemens & Bosh)

Arkos Light


Entertaiment Solution


Miguel Sambricio - Managing Director & Acquisitions